Binance.US Adds (FET) Staking With 7% APY in Rewards

​Customers can now stake (FET) and earn up to 7% APY at launch — the highest APY of any major staking provider in the U.S. Get paid weekly when you stake FET.

Binance.US customers can now buy, sell, convert, or stake FET in seconds on the largest major staking provider in the U.S and the best crypto platform for low fees. Advanced Trading is available on the FET/USD and FET/USDT pairs.

What is (FET)? is an inter-chain, layer 1 protocol built on the Cosmos SDK that aims to disperse the power of existing data monopolies. The platform was developed to be a decentralized machine learning blockchain which allowed for the universal exchange of data between billions of Internet of Things (IoT) — the network of physical objects communicating and exchanging data — devices. The blockchain aims to support:

  • Optimized trading and financial services
  • Configuration of public transport
  • Helping smart cities adapt to human behavior
  • Removing middlemen from the gig-economy
  • Connecting energy network with smart grids’s framework is optimized via autonomous agents that categorize data semantically, geographically, or by economic features.’s permissionless network enables anyone to share or exchange information via autonomous agents. These agents are able to deliver real world data onto the blockchain, where Fetch’s smart contracts process the data and create machine learning models. In theory, these agents would create massive shared datasets and optimize their use under collective learning. uses its own native cryptocurrency FET as a utility token and the primary means of exchange on the platform. FET can be used to pay for network transaction fees, services and deploy AI.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported on Binance.US?

Binance.US is the largest major staking platform with the widest selection of staking assets in the U.S.

Click here for an up-to-date list of all the cryptocurrencies Binance.US supports, along with their respective minimum and maximum staking limits, and unstaking periods.

For information specific to (FET), view the table below:

Minimum Staking Limit Maximum Staking Limit Unstaking Period (Days) (FET) 0.01 25,000 21

We are continually working to expand the list of supported staking assets while delivering high APYs on all our supported staking assets.

How do I stake (FET) on Binance.US?

Follow our step-by-step guide on How to Stake, Unstake & Manage Rewards on Binance.US.

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